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Privacy Policy

Fergus is registered with Guernsey’s Office of Data Protection Agency, #DPA3481.

This website does not send cookies to visitors. We do not collect comments on this website, and you are unable to upload content to us.

If you give Fergus your contact information, he will protect it on a best efforts basis, and will promptly inform you and the ODPA if he becomes aware that any theft, breach or miscommunication of it has occured. He will never sell or knowingly pass on your details to third parties.

You should be aware if you provide your data to others that legitimate reasons for them to hold it include:

• keeping records up to date;
• charging for products and services;
• developing products and services;
• marketing products and services;
• administering websites and keeping them safe and secure;
• ensuring that content is presented in the most effective manner;
• facilitating your use of their website;
• measuring the use of their website and improving content and accessibility;
• measuring and understanding the effectiveness of advertising, and delivering relevant advertising to you;
• complying with legal and / or regulatory requirements;
• identifying visitor trends;
• and informing and generating content for editorial output electronically and through other channels.